18 April 2021

5 Proven Smart Marketing Methods and Goals

By staffuser

If you would like to cast light on your brand presence, marketing would be the key. No matter how good or great your platform is, it won’t exist for long if you cannot make it relevant and known. 

Marketing is a collective process that helps you grow your audience and make your brand stay in the limelight. Without it, your business will cease to exist. Hence, you can’t ditch it. While it is a challenging and timely process that requires constant effort, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything about it to make it fun and effective. Here are the five SMART ways that are proven and elaborate to build an effective marketing model and maximize it. 

To get you a great headstart, let’s first enumerate what SMART stands for. 

SMART means Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound. Set a goal and make sure that it follows the five to set you up for success. 

1. Define a SPECIFIC goal. 

To come up with a specific goal:

  1. Assess the most important.
  2. Define all your goals, cross out the least important.
  3. Keep crossing out until you have narrowed it down to the three in the list. 

From there, carefully judge which of the three has the greatest weight. That one is your specific goal. 

For example, I would like to grow my Youtube channel. The problem is I don’t have enough content yet. In my careful assessment, the most important priority I have is creating videos and putting them on Youtube. So, I should focus there and direct all my energy in creating high-quality and valuable Youtube videos. 

2. Make sure that the goal is MEASURABLE by setting metrics

Now that I have defined my top priority and have made it specific, I will have to streamline the path that I need to traverse. So, I need to create and upload videos. What comes next? 

I need to set this time the number of videos I need to create. To see noticeable growth, I plan to upload 100 videos that are content-worthy. This is measurable. 

To avoid frustration, you need to have an open mind that while you might not see any noticeable gain or improvement right away, the metrics that you will set will have to guide you through. Here, I won’t expect anything until I have uploaded 100 videos. 

3. It should be challenging but ACHIEVABLE.

One hundred videos are a lot. It will take tremendous effort. So your next question is: Can it be achieved: A hundred videos? 

With enough effort, focus, and resources, it should be.

In determining if your goal is achievable, you will have to factor in your resources. Ask questions such as: do you have enough capital and resources to deliver your goal? 

In setting up a goal, it’s not only important that it’s doable and attainable, but it should be challenging as well. It should push the boundaries and push you beyond your comfort zone. 

4. It needs to be RELEVANT to your brand’s growth and potential.

Once you have carefully evaluated and defined that your goal is highly specific, measurable, and achievable, you must ask yourself it is relevant.  

In my attempt to grow my audience on my channel, I would ask: Is 100 uploading 100 videos relevant to achieve a greater audience? 

If those videos cater live up to the platform of my channel, then it should be. The moral of the story here is: each video should be relevant to my brand’s story and platform. Uploading videos out of nowhere that are irrelevant can be detrimental instead of helpful. 

5. Lastly, set a TIMEFRAME. 

Last but equally important as the first four is the time. For any goal, it should be time-sensitive. Your timeframe gives you the necessary pressure to do well and push harder and harder. 

I’m setting myself a time limit of 5 months to upload 100 videos on my channel in my project. That is equivalent to 20 videos per month, which also translates to 5 videos per week. 

Every week, I have a goal that just gives me enough pressure to follow a timeline and have an accomplishment every week.