10 April 2021

5 Reasons on Why You Should Study English in Canada

By staffuser

English as a global language is just getting stronger day by day. If you can speak the language, there’s plenty of opportunities that await you. It’s almost impossible not to be able to get a job if you can speak it. There’s a bit of magic possessing English fluency. You can roam around most places in the world without having difficulty in communication on a basic day-to-day scale. If not anyone in that locality knows English, there may be translation signages floating around that give you clues on how to get by. 

Now, if you are determined to learn the language to the skill like it’s your mother tongue, cultural immersion is a must. Here, you will need to live in a country where the native language is English. 

Each year, a growing of people and hell-bent English learners are flocking to Canada. The preference in this country over other English-speaking countries like the US, to live, study, and learn the language is only getting stronger. 

You might be asking yourself now why the trend is going that way. While there’s no single definitive answer to that, a lot of factors that may not have crossed your mind yet might be in the play here. Let’s dive into them. Here are the five. 

1. They are the nicest people in the world.

While Canadians are living in a great country with abundance and affluence, they are all naturally friendly. Its citizens are nice and warm. They are polite and courteous. Its people will not intimidate. In fact, they may inspire you to have a permanent residence here in this beautiful country. 

2. Peaceful and spacious environment.

Canada is one of the largest countries in the world. Despite its size, it is only sparsely populated with its about 40 million population. Certainly, there is a place for you here. It can be a bit lonely to find you far from others most of the time. But the peace that it can give you can be comforting and rewarding. Nature allows you to be healthy with all its untouched natural setting. It’s an ideal place to jog and for other recreational activities. Not only that, you will be physically healthy, but mentally too. The country is great for your well-being. 

3. Picturesque and nature-friendly. 

It’s not only in the Alps where you will find breathtaking mountains covered by sparkling white snow. Canada has its own as well. It is a naturally cold country. They can have excruciating, lonely winter, but it’s not all the negative sides. They have high rocky mountains that are truly sight-to-behold. 

Some of them are surrounded by lakes. Take – for example – the Banff National Park, where you will see a vividly velvety blue lake and surrounded by forest landscapes. The Canadian Rockies is also another Canadian trademark. It is a collection of mountains that border the United States. 

4. Culturally diverse

It doesn’t matter which country you came from or will be coming from. This is a welcoming nation where you will instantly feel at home. Eighty percent of the chance, you will find your fellow countrymen in this country. It doesn’t have a scarcity of groups of people that you can find support from and boost your self-esteem. This is a culturally rich country that is being strengthened by its citizens who come from different parts of the world. 

While you will surely miss home, this is a wonderful place to explore, live, learn, and open yourself up to other great cultures. Hence, its culturally diverse feature allows you to open yourself up to others, learn, explore, and have a greater understanding and respect of humanity. 

5. Economically rich

Canada is an affluent country. A lot of opportunities await you here. Once you know how to speak English or French, you can get a job that pays well even without having a college degree. So, while you’re studying the language, you can work at the same time. 

Another factor for the richness of opportunities here is less competition. Relative to its size, it has a small population. If you have a specialized skill, you can profit from it. Their economy continues to grow, and they have a big minimum wage. In the world, they have the highest standard of living. If you earn, you will get a decent living.