5 January 2021

Pros and Cons of Studying in the USA – Lifestyle Examples Included

By staffuser

The US has some universities in the world that consistently rank among the best. The US-based universities would often dominate every ranking body’s top 10 list, either it’s state or privately funded. The US often leads in different fields, from the areas of arts to science and engineering. So, it’s fair to assume that a US education will be a good stepping stone if you want to be at the leading edge. 

Now, if you aren’t sold yet, here are the main advantages and disadvantages that come with studying in the country. We’ll help you decide with the factors below.


Opportunity to work and live in the US

The United States remains a dream country to be in for most people. It has a very strong economy that as long as you have a college degree, good quality of life is almost guaranteed. Good opportunities await you as long as you are willing to work. After completing your education, you can work in your field and apply for a visa. Eventually, you can be a US citizen. Once you are, you can travel around the world without even applying for a visa. 

World-class Education

The US is globally recognized. It has a world-class level of education, so whenever you wish to work, whichever country it is, it’s become easier to be qualified. The country also has a very rigorous education process filled with standardized exams that you need to pass. These exams are commonly honored in other countries, like a currency that can be converted. Either public or private, the US also has very competitive education programs with highly selective processes. Getting into a good school is already an achievement that will bring a promising career and future. 

Cultural exploration 

The US is a very liberal country and home to millions of immigrants. While it might seem strange at first to be living in the country, it is easy to find people from your country. It is very open to diversity, providing you the opportunity to become considerate of other cultures. It is an enormous country with varied cultures from state to state. It allows becoming more liberal, understanding, and appreciative. This nature alone allows you to become a world-class leader. 

Become a leader 

Getting an education in the US in a particular field will also allow you to hone and enhance your leadership skill. The US is a leader in almost any given discipline. They are home to some of the best schools and institutions of engineering, science, arts, and music. (You name it.) 

Getting the best in education will equip you with the necessary knowledge and skill to become a leader. The best universities in the country also don’t just require you to be good in your area of studies but to become knowledgeable in different subjects as well. They have a holistic approach to education to make you a fully well-rounded individual.


It is expensive 

Yes, it’s expensive. Not only is the tuition going to cost you an arm and a leg, but the living expenses too can go off the charts. You will have to factor in the food and the rent. 

Daily expenses in the US – depending on the state and city where you live – are among the most expensive in the world. When it comes to tuition, it’s a great thing that the US offers international scholarships and financial aids to support financially those who might have some financial difficulties but truly deserve a US education. 

You Need to Become Independent 

Once you’ve reached 18 in the US, you have to become independent and be able to support yourself fully. It doesn’t matter if you are a US citizen or temporarily staying there for your studies. The culture in the country leans towards independence in early adulthood. This is part and parcel of US upbringing to its citizens to become responsible and productive. 

More challenging 

Depending on the way you look at challenges, it can be positive or negative. But the bottom line of studying in the US is it is more challenging when compared to your home country. It demands so much from you, from being emotionally strong to be mentally capable. Nonetheless, overcoming all those challenges and obstacles will bring promising outcomes to your career and future.