20 November 2020

The Top 8 Reasons to Study and Live in Canada – Learn Now!

By staffuser

Are you planning to study and settle abroad for a fresh new start or perspective? Do you want to experience a new culture and improve the quality of your life? Well, if you’re going to make your living better, among the best countries that can let that happen in Canada. 

Here, we’ll tell you why. 

Canada is a country that will bring you a generally positive vibe. It’s one of the biggest countries by geography in the world. Despite that, it might surprise you to know that it isn’t very populated. Its size can compare to that of the United States, but its population only measures less than 50 million. Despite that, it remains a country filled with many opportunities to make the most out of our life. 

1. Healthcare

Canada’s government’s generosity extends to their healthcare. No matter what your job is in the country, just as long as you have a document to prove you are a resident, the government covers your healthcare needs. Either you are a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident, you qualify for this. That means that most of the services health-care-wise are funded by the government. This is a feat that even other wealthy countries are finding difficult to achieve. Through the taxes that people pay, your healthcare needs are insured. The insurance can be specific in a province, and each province has different healthcare insurance plans. You need to make sure that you have your insurance card when visiting a clinic. 

2. Post-graduation permanent residency in the country 

After that you have completed your studies, you can work there and apply for a PR (or Permanent Residency) as a skilled worker. You don’t necessarily get to be a citizen, but you will already qualify for Canadian citizens’ perks. Generally, this is a good stepping stone to apply for citizenship. Your degree or diploma is proof that you will be a productive citizen and help in the country’s growth and development. 

3. Job Opportunities 

Canada is a great nation loved very much by its citizens and immigrants. This is a land where great opportunities to better yourself and your family lies. Even when you are studying, there are side jobs that you can apply for to help you support yourself. As long as you are willing to learn, it shouldn’t be difficult to get a job. If you do not know where to begin, they have institutions where you can take short courses that last for a few months. After that, you should be ready to get a job to help fend yourself while working on your long-term goal. 

4. Safety 

Canada is home to the nicest, most decent, and sweetest people in the world that crime rates are generally lower than most countries. It’s less populous than the other rich countries, so job opportunities are plenty. Most citizens can get a job that pays well; they can support themselves comfortably. Settling in here should give you peace of mind with the right care, security, and measure. Your peace of mind will lead you to a healthier and happier life. 

5. A promising future for you and your future family

Canada is home to a promising future. It gives you the hope that your future family will also have a bright future ahead of them. And to see your future children grow, doing what they want, and achieving their potential is one of the most rewarding things in life. It is just perfectly fitting to say that this is a country where it would be nice to start and build a family. It’s a great place to live with a lot of picturesque tourist attractions and healthy cold weather. So, it’s nice to spend your life here with your loved ones. 

6. Excellent quality of life 

With everything said above about how great Canada as a country is, it’s just fair to say that the quality of life you can have is far more than fulfilling. It’s excellent. Without stressing yourself too much for work, you get paid well while living your life to the fullest. 

7. Multicultural society

What makes Canada great is its welcoming society. This country is home to millions of immigrants that are now the backbone and part of this prosperous country. It easy to feel comfortable because of the cultural diversity. It feels homey, and it’s easy to find someone who came from the same country where you did.