10 April 2021

Top 4 Countries to Study a MBA: One Minute Read!

By staffuser

Do you want to bolster your career and add a more valuable diploma to your credentials? Whatever degree you finished, if you would like to get an edge and be ahead of the competition, a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree will be a substantial asset. It familiarizes you with the subtleties, ins, and outs of the corporate industry, but it also equips you with the right leadership and personal growth skills. 

MBA is where all the necessary technical, social, and management skills are baked into one. You will learn, gain, and use them to improve your contributions to your company substantially. Not only can you get a better job offer for this added skill set, but for any industry, MBA is beneficial. It’s a competitive world as well. So when taking it, it’s best to get it from the world’s best. 

To help you speed up your decision, we’ve come down to the top four countries where you can get your MBA. 

1. The United States of America

The United States is a powerhouse for all things. They have the largest economy and corporate culture. They are the greatest capitalist nation in the world. So, it’s fair to say that they offer not only the largest number of MBA programs across the globe, but they also provide some of the best. 

A student who is planning to complete an MBA degree will be exposed to diverse cultures and opportunities. There is a lot to learn and to experience. 

MBA programs are highly selective in the best universities in the States. With their rigorous curriculum, you will surely be prepared to tackle the great challenges that may come up in your industry and deal with them with strong and effective leadership. To get started with the application, you will have to take a standardized test that the US administers to graduates who are planning to get an MBA. In addition to getting a high score on that, resume and recommendation letters will be needed as well, plus good grades. 

2. Canada 

Now, if you want to get your MBS degree with less competition but equally excellent, consider applying to universities in Canada. Not only that the cost of obtaining a degree in a Canadian university is generally less expensive, but they also offer scholarships to help you finance your education. 

What makes this country ideal is it also has a strong economy and highly valued companies that you can study. The country also boasts several top-ranking schools in the world. To name a few, the top three business schools are Smith School of Business, Rotman School of Management, and Ivey Business School. All of which are in Ontario.

If you are planning to settle and establish a career here, you can have your MBA as a stepping stone. Canadians are very welcoming as well. So, it’s easier to feel at home here than in other English-speaking countries. It also has a more affordable living without jeopardizing the quality. 

3. United Kingdom

Completing your master’s degree in Business Administration in the United Kingdom will give you excellent exposure to the international market. The country houses some of the universities that directly rival the best universities in the US. Their excellent education system and highly selective process make it difficult to land a slot in their top universities. 

When you have made it to gain admission and complete your MBA, you will already be positioned to the best companies. Unlike its North American universities equivalent, the program is commonly offered in one year term. In addition to the length of the program, the country also offers a lower cost. 

4. Australia

There can be many reasons why you want to take an MBA. But the domineering factor is you want to improve your career and gain a competitive advantage. To do that, however, you will also have to get the degree of a highly reputable university or institution. 

Australia might be a small country compared to the US, but that doesn’t mean that it falls far behind when education is concerned. They pride more than ten world-class business schools. 

They are internationally accredited and recognized among the top schools for getting a master’s degree in Business Administration.