2 February 2021

Top 5 Cities for International Students in Canada

By staffuser

If you are a parent or a student planning to get international education, you should be looking for some of the best in Canada. The country has a sophisticated educational system that guarantees success after graduation. The government places high importance on its education by heavily funding it. 

As long as you deserve and work hard for it, you should be able to get an excellent education. It offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees and post-doctorate fellowship for almost any discipline. It also offers medicine and law degrees. 

Although the country has two official languages, English and French namely, most subjects are taught in English. Hence, to qualify, a student will have to pass a standardized English proficiency exam. 

As an English-speaking country and being homes to some of the prestigious universities in the world, Canada is among the most popular destination for international students. If you are in the market for it, here are the best five cities you can find an excellent level of education. 


Vancouver is a city in the province of British Columbia. It is highly urbanized and is one of Canada’s most popular cities. With that, it has a mix of untouched picturesque and industrialized landscapes. The city is known for its multicultural diversity. You will find later on that the city is home to millions of immigrants, mainly from Asia. It is considered to be the financial district of British Columbia, filled with a mix of economic activities from tourism to technology. 

Being a highly commercialized district, it also houses among the best universities in the country. Among them are Thompson Rivers University and Vancouver Island University. These two are probably the biggest educational institutions in the area and expect a high number of international students. They offer specialized programs to these kinds of students to help them financially and psychologically. 


Toronto is home to the most number of Canadians and permanent residents. It is densely populated and one of the most industrialized cities in Canada. Hence, typically the cost of living here can be more expensive than in other places. Its provincial tax is more expensive than in other provinces. It lies in the province of Ontario, which is the eastern part of Canada. 

People are generally friendly, and when it comes to its education, you will generally find a welcoming nature from the faculty, neighborhood, and students. 

Among the most popular educational destinations for most Canadian and international students is the University of Toronto, which excels the best in Sciences, Applied Sciences, and research. Culturally speaking, it is very diverse, and its students report a very good quality of holistic education. 


Quebec is a French-speaking province of Canada. The majority of its residents speak French and are more comfortable doing so than in English. 

Generally, you will find here cheaper housing living as the rent costs less. Even the electric bill is generally cheaper when compared to other provinces. Despite that, this province has the biggest tax at 15%. Other than the dominance of the French language, it doesn’t feel a lot differently here than in other provinces. 

In the province, you will find the two best universities in Canada: McGill University and the University of Montreal. Both are in Montreal and boast programs tailored for international students. These universities are both highly selective and have intensive research programs. They are both globally recognized to be among the best in the world. 


With its about 2 million population, Calgary is considered among the most populous city in Canada. It is also highly urbanized, surrounded by a stunning natural environment rich with natural resources. It is also considered to be among the wealthiest cities in the province.


Like Calgary, Edmonton lies in the province of Alberta. Not only that, but Edmonton is also the capital of Alberta. The city houses the University of Alberta, which is known worldwide for its unparalleled quality of academic excellence. It consistently ranks number 1, especially for anyone who wants to be in the field of health science. The cost of living here is generally cheaper, which would help with daily expenses and responsibilities.